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What started as a side hustle for two creative, driven sisters has now become one of the Midwest’s premier event planning and design firms. At Elevate, we find pure, unbridled joy in celebrating all aspects of life - big moments, small gatherings and anything in between.

Meet the Elevate Planning Team

As we enter our ninth event season, filled with increasingly more beautiful (and complex!) weddings, galas and celebrations, we are evermore grateful for our team of incredible planners; each with their own strengths and distinctive skills in design, organization and intentionality. Part of our company mission is to make each of our clients’ experiences a uniquely personalized, well-curated one, so whenever we are assigning our team to a new project, we are considering not only the planner’s availability and location, but also their individual personalities and skills to determine the absolute best fit for our clients.

With that in mind and with our wedding season kicking off in high gear this month, we wanted to reintroduce our fabulous planner team via a fresh spotlight blog! These lovely ladies each bring something so special to the table, and we are honored and humbled to have them as a part of the EE sisterhood. 

Meet Our Planners: Mallory, Kirstie, Kelsie, Katie, April, Amber, Paige, & Kallie


Co-Founder and Creative Director

I am a true creative brain and an eternal optimist. I’m married to an amazing man, Danny, and am proud to be a mom of three spunky, stubborn kiddos, Vaughn, Dillon & Simone. Cooking, light gardening, floral design, and home improvement projects are some of my favorite pastimes, and I firmly believe that every occasion deserves at least a small toast and glass of something bubbly.

If you could have coffee or your fave beverage of choice with anyone in the event industry, who would it be and why?

Love this question!! Thankfully, I’ve had the chance to meet quite a few of the industry giants I admire, but if given a solid moment with others, I’d love to have a drink with Jose Villa, Marcy Blum, and/or Jove Meyer – each of them seem like they’d be so much fun to chat with and would be an absolute wealth of knowledge.

What is your most used emoji?

1,000% it’s this one: 🫠

What made you want to become an event planner?

I’m sure like many people in this industry, I sort of stumbled into the job rather than carefully curated my way into it. Back in the post-recession wedding world, I started out helping friends and acquaintences coordinate their own wedding days, and I suppose you could say I became hooked! Once Kirstie finished college and I myself got married, we started Elevate in 2015 with only two “clients” in the books! Can’t believe we’re ten next year. 


Co-Founder and Creative Director

I am definitely a details, quality-forward person, and a bit of a pragmatist. I am married to the love of my life, Jesse, and am looking forward to restarting life in our home after a catastrophic housefire in 2022. I enjoy teaching and taking barre classes, traveling, and spending quality time with Jesse, our families and our Great Dane, Phoebe.

What’s your signature dance move?

Step touch with a clap

What does your perfect day look like?

It starts with movement followed by a latte, light reading, dog walk, and then getting outside to explore! It doesn’t take too much to have a “solid” day – as long as there is variety, free space and time, loved ones, fresh air, and adventures of some kind, I can chalk it up to a pretty idyllic day. 

What is your favorite place you’ve traveled to?

Crete island in Greece. Jesse and I went to Greece for our honeymoon last fall and started in Crete. We got a rental car (highly recommended for that island) and started in the charming city of Chania. We took a variety of day trips including the gorgeous Kalypso Beach, Preveli Palm Beach where we walked through the lagoon, swam to waterfalls, hiked the Samaria Gorge, and visited a distant family member’s winery just to name a few. We had such a wonderful time!

What sticks out as the most memorable part of your own wedding day?

The ceremony was so perfect! I remember being so focused on Jesse but also remembering feeling all our people around us. Top it all off with surprise mariachi after which was a real treat! I know I’m cheating in giving a second answer but the dance party was a close second. We loved our band (shoutout Mamutt Music) and had the very best time dancing the night away with our people.


Senior Planner & Relationship Manager

Kelsie adores her family, high-school-sweetheart-turned husband, Jason, their beautiful sons, Lachlan and Jude, and their German Shepherd, Teddy. In her free time, she enjoys trying new cuisines and experiences, home and art projects, and spending quality time with her friends.

Do you have any hidden talents?

I grew up in a rural part of Illinois and actually had a blast learning how to ride motorcycles when I was younger! Our neighbor had a track in their backyard and you could find me zooming around (sometimes singing along the way!) when I was pretty young 🙂 

What is your dream wedding location?

It’s SO popular but anywhere in Italy. We went there on our honeymoon and it’s incredibly idyllic. My husband and I hope to renew our vows there one day! 

What does your perfect day look like?

Heading to the Farmer’s Market with my two little boys and my husband, grabbing brunch at a favorite restaurant and enjoying the fresh air with a nice walk. 

What are some clothing/accessory brands you are loving?

I spontaneously went into Free People one day and was pleasantly surprised how much I liked a lot of their clothing! I really enjoy trying new pieces in my wardrobe now and then so it was a great fit.


Senior Planner & Content Manager

Katie has an extensive background in photography, so therefore applies her discerning eye to pretty much every circumstance. She greatly values the creation of lasting, meaningful relationships with others and cheering them on throughout all of life’s special moments. In her free time, Katie enjoys traveling, spending quality time with her family and friends, and trying new restaurants (bring on the wine and cheese!) with her fiancé, Lucas. The two of them are getting married later this year!

What wedding location is is on your planning bucket list?

I think it would be so cool to do a tented western wedding in Jackson Hole, Wyoming! There are so many unique and playful design elements and textures to play with, I think it would be so dreamy!

What does your perfect day look like?

My perfect day would start with a walk to my local coffee shop for an iced latte, followed by enjoying some time outdoors in the sun along with a yummy lunch with some friends, in the evening I would get appetizers, drinks and dinner on a patio with my fiancé and maybe a little ice cream treat on the way home! Ending the day with a cup of tea, popcorn and a movie!

What is your most used emoji?


Feels like a “yay” in emoji form!

What are some clothing/accessory brands you are loving?

Abercrombie & Fitch is my go-to. I am always adding things to my cart when I shop online there! From dresses, to work clothes, to athleisure wear, they have it all!


Senior Planner

April is highly driven, competitive, and ambitious, which translates beautifully into her role as one of Elevate’s top-notch planners. In her free time, you can find April hiking or being active with her husband, Nick, loving up on their sweet daughter, Blair, spending time with friends, traveling, or trying new places and experiences. She adores an adventure and tries to live every day as though it is one.

What does your perfect day look like?

A perfect day for me would be waking up at my leisure (I’m not an overly enthusiastic morning person), then taking an iced coffee or iced tea, pending mood, to the beach, reading a novel while listening to the waves crash to the shore.  I’d love a cute, little lunch out at a small cafe, a mid-afternoon walk and back to the beach to read some more.  In the evening, I’d like a nice dinner and drinks with friends and family, and to spend the rest of the evening snuggling with my daughter watching a show or movie. Of course, the weather would be a perfect 70 degrees and sunny 🙂 

What are some clothing/accessory brands you are loving?

I have been dipping a toe in the renting world with a Nuuly subscription, my go to there has been Maeve brand from Anthropologie.  However, I just received a few dress options for an upcoming wedding I’m a guest at and loved the ASTR the Label options they have!

What sticks out as the most memorable part of your own wedding day?

Having a destination wedding, we had a very intimate group of people who attended.  For dinner, we had one long table of our people, which was incredible to spend the meal with some of our closest friends and family. 

What are your favorite things to do in the Madison/Milwaukee Area?

I absolutely love trying out new restaurants in both Madison and Milwaukee.  I am a huge fan of going out to eat, probably because I’m not a very good cook, but I love trying new places and seeing their food options and ambiance!  We recently visited One & Only, previously Brasserie V in Madison and loved it!  We have a tie to Brasserie V as it was where my husband and I went to make important life decisions, so enjoying it as One & Only was wonderful!  In Milwaukee, an all time favorite is Odd Duck, with their small plate menu and changing options, you are always bound to have something new and exciting.


Associate Planner

Amber is our resident social butterfly who is more bubbly than the best bottle of champagne. She is bright-eyed and bushy-tailed; never afraid to take on whatever challenge comes her way. You can find her trying new MKE food spots with her husband Nate, spending time with her family and friends, or browsing online for the latest fashion trends.

What is your most used emoji?

The classic 🫶🏻, but closely followed by 🫡. 

Do you have any hidden talents? 

My forte is being able to find where an item of clothing is from in under 30 seconds. I am also a pop culture connoisseur and can lead any trivia team to victory in that category.

What is your favorite color right now?

I’m loving the bright red trend we’ve been seeing for the past year. It’s such a fun pop of color in the world of neutrals!


Associate Planner

Paige’s people know her as the “one who gets it done” – organization, planning, and execution are a few of her favorite things. She is a team player, loves connecting with people, and is energized by creating and making things look beautiful. With a background in life and executive coaching, Paige is all about self-discovery and motivated to help others visualize dreams and achieve goals. In her free time, you can likely find Paige chasing sunsets, traveling, petting every dog she comes across, and cooking for friends and family.

Most used emoji:


I’m someone who tends to feel their emotions deeply while also finding joy in many moments – this emoji feels like it covers so many bases for me! 

What does your perfect day look like?

My perfect day starts with a slow morning at home, a fun coffee, time in the sunshine with friends or family & good conversation, then ending the day with a delicious meal out! 

What are some clothing/accessory brands you are loving?

I live for Free People dresses in the summer and this year is no different. Midi and maxi dresses are a tall girl’s best friend! 

What are your favorite things to do in Milwaukee?

In the warmer months, you can almost always find me by the water in some capacity – I love to walk the South Shore Line, and chill near the lake, or grab a beer at South Shore Terrace. 


Associate Planner

With an extensive background in Event Planning and Project Management, Kallie is passionate about detailed timelines and clear communication. On event days, Kallie is a quick problem-solver, loves personal touches, and always takes a moment to watch the first dance (her favorite part!). In her free time, you can find Kallie spending time with family and friends, volunteering or planning her next travel adventure. Kallie lives in Madison with her husband AJ and their Snowshoe Siamese cat, Atlas. 

Do you have any hidden talents?

I love to tap dance – I grew up dancing & tap class was always my favorite!

What wedding location is on your planning bucket list?

Any Italian villa – reception tables amongst the vineyards is just magical to me.

What are your favorite things to do in the Madison/Milwaukee Area?

Seeing a musical or comedy show – the next musical on my must see list is “Shucked!”

What sticks out as the most memorable part of your own wedding day?

I can’t pick! Sneaking away just the two of us for extra photos under a willow tree – resulted in some of my favorite photos from the day! A surprise bridesmaid/friend dance choreographed by my maid of honor/sister – made me cry & feel so special. And Seeing all of our favorite people together under one roof – so so special!