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What started as a side hustle for two creative, driven sisters has now become one of the Midwest’s premier event planning and design firms. At Elevate, we find pure, unbridled joy in celebrating all aspects of life - big moments, small gatherings and anything in between.

Meet the Elevate Planning Team!

Here at Elevate, we now have TEN wonderful planners on board; each with their own strengths and distinctive skills in design, organization and intentionality. Part of our company mission is to make each of our clients’ experiences a uniquely personalized, well-curated one, so whenever we are assigning our team to a new project, we are considering not only the planner’s availability and location, but also their individual personalities and skills to determine the absolute best fit for our clients.

With that in mind and with the bulk of our wedding season kicking off in just a few short weeks, we wanted to reintroduce our fabulous planner team via a fresh spotlight blog! These ten lovely ladies each bring something so special to the table, and we are honored and humbled to have them as a part of the EE sisterhood. 

Meet Our Planners: Mallory, Kirstie, Kelsie, Chloe, Katie, April, Amber, Lily, Paige, & Kallie

Thank you, Emily Barbara Photography, for the fresh headshot photos!


Co-Founder and Creative Director

The Rundown: I am a true creative brain and an eternal optimist. I’m married to an amazing man, Danny, and am proud to be a mom of three spunky, stubborn toddlers, Vaughn, Dillon & Simone. Cooking, light gardening, floral design, and home improvement projects are some of my favorite pastimes, and I firmly believe that every occasion deserves at least a small toast and glass of something bubbly.

Where you Grew Up: Waupaca, Wisconsin

Dream Wedding Location: Now that Elevate has explored much of the Western Hemisphere, I’m excited to cross the pond and visit some stunning old-world venues in Bordeaux, France, the Cotswolds, or really any villa or estate surrounded by manicured gardens and highly curated interiors. (I’m a bit of a maximalist at heart!)

Favorite Color Right Now: These days I find myself continuously inspired by all of the tones that organically come from nature – and I mean, ALL of ’em. Just this last weekend, I found myself feeling drawn to the rich colors of mud and moss as I was raking my lawn – what is wrong with me!? But yeah, give me a cracked brick red, a rich forest green or a supple, earthy taupe (plus allll the texture that comes with them) and I’m a happy gal.

Fave Food & Drink: I LOVE Asian cuisines and sake – sushi, pho, curries, ramen, udon…you name it, I love it! I always find that I thoroughly enjoy deeply complex Thai curries and umami-forward ramen, and whenever I’m celebrating something special… sushi is my top request.

My Legacy: Oh, this is extra deep now that I have my three little ones! It may be overly simple, but I hope that I leave a legacy of a bit of decadence and enjoyment: I want those I love to remember me for upholding rich traditions (no matter how “impractical”) and going for whatever it is that you believe in. It may do me in a few years earlier than some, but I truly believe that life brings those moments worth staying up late for: giving you those few extra hours with those you love, creating core memories filled with good food, drink & merriment, and creating luxury in whatever way it makes sense to you. 


Co-Founder and Event Director

The Rundown: I am definitely a details, quality-forward person, and a bit of a pragmatist. I am newly married to the love of my life, Jesse, and am looking forward to moving back into our new home after a catastrophic housefire last year. I enjoy teaching and taking barre classes, traveling, and spending quality time with Jesse, our families and our Great Dane, Phoebe.

How Do You Take Your Coffee? Black with a gentle pour of Vanilla Oatmilk creamer.

Dream Wedding Location: I have three that are currently top of mind! In no particular order… I love the thought of: 1) a wide open ranch venue out West (Montana/Wyoming/Colorado/Utah), 2) a rich, historical property in the United Kingdom or Ireland, and 3) basically, anywhere in France!  

Favorite Wedding Flower: Hellebore, hands down.

Favorite Color Right Now: Taupe. You can find it in so many different textures, ceramics, good outfit bases, the list goes on…you really cannot go wrong with taupe in your life!!

Pets? Dogs, always and forever. I love Phoebers.


Senior Planner & Relationship Manager

The Rundown: Kelsie adores her family, high-school-sweetheart-turned husband, Jason, their beautiful son, Lachlan and German Shepherd, Teddy. (And another baby boy will be joining their family in roughly two months!) In her free time, she enjoys trying new cuisines and experiences, home and art projects, and spending quality time with her friends.

Where you Grew Up: Rockford, Illinois. I lived in Rockford for most of my life but also grew a love for Madison growing up and knew it was the spot for me after college, especially since my husband is from the city!

Pets? Our German Shepherd, Teddy! We love and adore our almost 6 year old pup, Teddy Graham. He’s a sensitive guy but knows how to love like no other 🙂 

Fave Singer/Band: Ed Sheeran. This was a tough one to narrow down for me, but I often find myself going back to Ed Sheeran and listening to his albums in their entirety. He’s also INSANE to watch live in concert!  

Fave Food & Drink: Tacos & a Prickly Pear Marg! Anyone who knows me knows I’m a sucker for tacos. I could live off of them for life. Pair it with a Prickly Pear Margarita and I’m sold!  

Fave Place You’ve Visited: Venice! We visited quite a few European locations on our honeymoon, but the charm of Venice stole my heart. There’s no other place quite like it.  


Senior Planner & Content Manager

The Rundown: Katie has an extensive background in photography, so therefore applies her discerning eye to pretty much every circumstance. She greatly values the creation of lasting, meaningful relationships with others and cheering them on throughout all of life’s special moments. In her free time, Katie enjoys traveling, spending quality time with her family and friends, and trying new restaurants (bring on the wine and cheese!) with her long-term boyfriend, Lucas. 

Where you Grew Up: Middleton, Wisconsin.

Dream Wedding Location: Lake Como, Italy! I have always dreamed of an al fresco dinner in a garden outside of a chateau overlooking Lake Como. It’s just so dreamy and romantic – truly a beautiful mix of mountains, water, and greenery. See ya – I’ll be over here daydreaming and planning!

Fave Food & Drink: Homemade Pasta & Aperol Spritz. I am a sucker for homemade pasta of any and all types, the possibilities are absolutely endless in my eyes! When paired with a glass of wine or my new fave, Aperol Spritz, it’s truly divine. 

Favorite Rom-Com: The Proposal, for sure. It’s a go-to classic for me…so funny and sweet!

Which Disney Princess are You? I have always loved and related to Moana. The movie and story is one of my favorites, and I feel like I share similar traits of curiosity, kindness, boldness and leadership with her!


Senior Planner

The Rundown: Chloe is the sort of gal who will always take the title “jill of all trades” as a serious compliment, and enjoys connecting deeply with her clients to build a relationship based on fun and trust. When she is not updating her coveted checklist or out for a hike with her Australian Shepard, Enzo, you can find Chloe in the kitchen dreaming up beautiful dinner parties and spending time with family and friends. She and her husband, Ethan, are expecting twin baby boys any day now!!

Dream Wedding Location: Ooo, give me a big villa in Tuscany so you and your closest people can stay together and spend an entire week soaking up your wedding celebration! How incredible and heartfelt does that sound?!

Pets? Our wonderful dog Enzo, the original granddog… who is going to be a big brother very soon! 

Favorite Color Right Now: Currently I am living for light lavender – I love that it has come into focus on the fashion and accessory front, and enjoy it for pops of color around the house, especially in this season. Never thought I was a purple person until now! 

Favorite Wedding Flower: Don’t make me choose! But currently, based on my general gravitation toward all things fun and quirky, I have to choose the bright + funky poppy!


Senior Planner & Social Media Coordinator

The Rundown: April is highly driven, competitive, and ambitious, which translates beautifully into her role as one of Elevate’s top-notch planners. In her free time, you can find April hiking or being active with her husband, Nick, loving up on their sweet daughter, Blair, spending time with friends, traveling, or trying new places and experiences. She adores an adventure and tries to live every day as though it is one.

Enneagram: Type 3 – The Achiever. I am an Enneagram 3 with a 2 wing.  There are many things I identify with as true when reading a description of this personality type, but there are also a few that I’m not so sure of (so much so that I’ve taken the test multiple times just to be sure, and I’ve always ended up a three!) E3s are described as ambitious, competent, and driven people who are generally workaholics and competitive. I can be very competitive (especially when playing sports and games), and I like to win and can be very hard on myself. E3s also seek and thrive on positive praise and attention, which is something I absolutely relate to.  🙂

Favorite romantic movie: Definitely the ever-classic “The Notebook.” That movie will forever make me cry and leaves me feeling all the feels every time I watch it.  If I am ever feeling emo or need a good cry, that is for sure my go-to movie.  

Dream wedding location: Probably London! I would love to plan a wedding there. With the history, architecture, fashion, and classic, timeless feel, I think planning a wedding there would be an absolute dream.  I would also love to be a guest at a wedding there – hint hint, friends! 🙂


Associate Planner

The Rundown: Amber is our resident social butterfly who is more bubbly than the best bottle of champagne. She is bright-eyed and bushy-tailed; never afraid to take on whatever challenge comes her way. You can find her trying new MKE food spots with her husband Nate, spending time with her family and friends, or browsing online for the latest fashion trends. Amber’s hidden talent is being able to find where a cute top is from in under 30 seconds.

Favorite Book: My all time favorite is Every Summer After by Carley Fortune. It’s a friends-to-lovers-to-strangers-to…(I won’t spoil it) story which is my all time favorite trope.

Which Disney Princess Are You: Ever since the first time I watched Frozen, I have seen myself in Anna. She’s goofy, optimistic, energetic, loyal, and a hopeless romantic. I relate to her dramatics and determination.

Clothing Brand I’m Loving: I’m obsessed with Reformation at the moment. Love their minimalistic, cool-girl approach to fashion.

Favorite Wedding Flower: Big fan of the ‘Quicksand Rose’ over here. I love the romantic look of roses, but not always their strident colors, so the quicksand marries my love of neutrals with the classic elegance of roses!


Associate Planner

The Rundown: Lily is our newest Chicago transplant, and looks forward to executing beautiful events down in the Windy City! Her zest for life is apparent in both her approach to planning, as well as how she spends her spare time. When she is not expertly running a timeline or communicating with her team, Lily enjoys biking, climbing, reading, and hosting friends and family from near and far.

Favorite Book: Dune. I LOVE to read, but never really got into science fiction until Timothée played Paul Atreides on the big screen. Surprisingly, I ate all 800 pages up. I have since read three books out of the infamous Dune series.

Fave Singer/Band: LANY. I have had the pleasure of seeing them four times in various cities, and watching them grow from a small band to an international love! To be honest: I struggled to not gatekeep them when I first discovered them in 2017. However, I can sincerely say it’s fun hearing people playing their music now (even though I loved them first).

Fave Food & Drink: Popcorn and an iced Chai. Popcorn was legit a food group for my family growing up. I have since perfected the craft of making popcorn on the stove… thanks for the pointers, Dad! Surprisingly, I am a picky drinker, so there are few beverages that I love. An iced Chai, however, is definitely one. 

Fave Place You’ve Visited: I have no idea how to even decide! I’m going to cheat in answering the question by saying Eastern Europe. Slovakia, Romania, Slovenia, Hungary, Austria, and Croatia all are insanely beautiful and special in their own ways. I valued my time in each of them for so many different reasons. 


Associate Planner

The Rundown: Paige’s people know her as the “one who gets it done” – organization, planning, and execution are a few of her favorite things. She is a team player, loves connecting with people, and is energized by creating and making things look beautiful. With a background in life and executive coaching, Paige is all about self-discovery and motivated to help others visualize dreams and achieve goals. In her free time, you can likely find Paige chasing sunsets, traveling, petting every dog she comes across, and cooking for friends and family.

Favorite color: Since I was little, I’ve always been obsessed with neon pink!  

Favorite place you’ve visited: Koh Phi Phi, Thailand was a place I won’t soon forget!  Everything in Thailand was memorable – the welcoming people, amazing food, stunning nature, and beautiful culture make it hard to beat. I’m always looking forward to my next opportunity to travel and see the world. 

Pets? I have an adorable little black lab mix named Pearl! She was adopted from a lab rescue and is sweet as can be…annnd a bit high maintenance. 

Favorite food & drink: My perfect meal would be a thin-crust pizza with black olives & an Aperol Spritz!  Sounds like Italy should be my next destination.


Associate Planner

The Rundown: With an extensive background in Event Planning and Project Management, Kallie is passionate about detailed timelines and clear communication. On event days, Kallie is a quick problem-solver, loves personal touches, and always takes a moment to watch the first dance (her favorite part!). In her free time, you can find Kallie spending time with family and friends, volunteering or planning her next travel adventure. Kallie lives in Madison with her husband AJ and their Snowshoe Siamese cat, Atlas. 

Favorite Book: The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, by Taylor Jenkins Reid. This is the best book I have read in a long time – a life story about love & friendship! 

Fave Place You’ve Visited: Maui, Hawaii. My husband and I went to Maui on our honeymoon, and fell in love with the beautiful island and sunsets!

Favorite Rom-Com: 27 Dresses, for sure. I suppose this explains why I have always wanted to be involved in weddings! 

Favorite Wedding Flower: Currently loving the Anemone – so pretty and classic yet adds a unique edge!