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Elevate Exclusive: A Very Special TWIN Gender Reveal!

From Kirstie, the party planner:

When Mallory and Danny made the decision to find out the sex of the twins, my mind immediately jumped to, “let’s figure out a way to celebrate!” So, I turned to our teammates, Eve and Renee, to assist in planning a small family outdoor reveal party.

I wanted to keep it simple and avoid too much pomp and circumstance (Mal is not one for lots of drama), so the girls and I first chatted about the reveal itself, and landed on cotton candy as our method in surprising the expecting parents! A perfectly summery, easily color-customizable, and thankfully, toddler-friendly treat! 🙂

Our dear friend, Jo, at Sugarsmith was clearly the perfect fit for this, and with the recent purchase of a new and improved cotton candy cart decorated with some lovely floral touches from Ariyl at Briar Loft, it was set! These two ladies were such an instrumental part in making the party extra special (and cute) – thank you both so much for your contributions!

Because I also wanted to be surprised by the gender results, I asked Jo to do the honors – I handed her the sacred envelopes containing the twins’ sexes in the corner of the yard where she made the cotton candy. We then used a bag to cover the sticks of cotton candy and on my countdown, Mallory and Danny removed the bag to see the results! Jo was also creative enough to make some push-pops of blue and pink cotton candy, so everyone in attendance could make their official guesses before we found out!

We completed each twin reveal separately: first for Twin A and second for Twin B, to give each of them their “moment,” and I think it’s safe to say that everyone was quite shocked by the ultimate results!

It was the most perfectly sweet party for these baby girls, and Auntie K is SO PUMPED to meet them in just a few short months!! Thanks for letting me (and Eve and Renee) help with such a special and momentous party, Mal and Danny. I’m SO excited for you and your growing family!

From Mallory, the mama-to-be:

Goodness, what a rollercoaster of a year it has [already] been, and will continue to be! Danny and I were excited to expand our family after purchasing a larger fixer-upper, but quite honestly weren’t expecting it to happen as quickly as it did (and DEFINITELY not x2!!) As much as we are planners, though, our toddler, Vaughn, and this year in general has definitely taught us that sometimes, you just need to roll with the punches and take life as it comes, whether you’re ready or not!

Speaking of being planners, while we chose to be surprised by our first baby’s sex, once I found out we were expecting twins, I simply HAD to figure out what we were going to be dealing with. A house filled with rambunctious boys? Two more ladies to add to my Elevate team? Or perhaps, one of each? While most of our baby stuff was gender neutral, I also couldn’t fathom planning for two not knowing who they were. SO, a gender reveal it was! And I am so grateful to Kirstie and the ladies for pulling together such a wonderful (and perfectly adorable!) party!

Danny was pretty confident our twins would be two more boys, while I felt strongly there was at least one lady in there. Neither of us were expecting TWO, though! While I’m still a little unsure of what life will be like as a girl mama, I am so, so excited to raise two formidable women (and, let’s be real, have some fun with cute clothes and accessories). Can’t wait to meet these two lovely ladies in November!

Cotton Candy, Cart and Balloon Decor: Sugarsmith | Floral: Briar Loft
Signage: The Crafty Peach | Photos: Katie Ann Photography