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Table Design 101: Linen Selection

Your linen and tabletop selections can absolutely transform and cement your overall design aesthetic by adding additional mood, texture and color. They can also serve as the integral connection between all of your design elements, so in our opinion, are truly vital to a cohesive look!

Working with our design clients to select their fabrics is one of our favorite parts of the design process. There are SO many ways to infuse the couples’ design intuitions and personalities, simply through the use of intentional fabric selection!

If you love the linen selection process as much as we do (or, you are thinking that you could benefit from the use of a designer with experience in making these choices!), read on for some ways we support our clients through this process!

1. We Get Personal

In the beginning of the design process, we sit down with every couple and discuss their overall vision, budget, likes and dislikes, and must-have items. We even ask pointed questions like what sort of hobbies they enjoy together and where they like to shop for their home decor! From the start, we also get a really clear idea of whether luxury linens are a priority or more of an “I could be persuaded” thought in their minds.

While we are working through this process, we are already contemplating the sourcing and/or rental of linens through our many professional partners or custom lines, while working to narrow in on our the design through a curated Vision Board or Design Proposal.  From our very first conversations, we can determine what type of linen is right for the mood (and budget) and will help our clients source the perfect options for the overall design and table layout, keeping in mind any monetary and logistical constraints.

2. We’re Here to Educate!

We do our very best to help set expectations by discussing your budget for this specific category while we are creating your Vision Board or Design Proposal. Depending on the look you want and your overall guest and table count, it helps to know that most table linens will run anywhere from $30-$120 each, with napkins, runners and overlays coming over the top.

We may be biased, but while there are millions of reasons working with a professional planner is important, our ability to help paint the bigger picture for you (especially when it comes to table design!) is paramount. As we are discussing the overall details, we can help determine how to get the most “bang for your buck” by consider which fabrics will be used and where. For example, it may be an okay option to use more simple linens as your base, and only spring for the texture and color through your dinner napkins instead. Or, you can add a pop of color or texture with your dinner and cocktail table linens, but opt for a more simple napkin option supplied through your caterer! Either way, we’re here to help walk our clients through this many important decisions.

3. We Keep it Cohesive

As the process unfolds and we get to sourcing, we will collect swatches and help you determine what complementary linens would be best for your head, King’s or sweetheart tables, ancillary and cocktail tables. Finding the right textures, patterns and tones is key to a cohesive look! We also feel strongly that it is important to collect swatches (or conduct a full mockup) and not just go off of the photo on a website – seeing the fabrics in person makes such an impact on the overall feeling of your table design!

If you find yourself overwhelmed by the whole linen and fabric selection process, be sure to reach out to your planner or designer to see what options might be available to you! Between both local and national vendor partners, we are confident your trusted team can help you find what you need.

Happy Planning!