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A (follow-up) Love Letter to my Wedding Pros

Hey you,

Me again. (And yes, that’s my gorgeous sister above, not me, but sometimes people can’t even tell the difference so… fooled ya?)

You may recall my letter of tough love from a few months ago – I simply wanted to revisit that with you for a moment, because…

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you have now officially made it through one of the craziest, most high-paced, seasons of our entire careers, or are at least seeing that proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. I’m not here for a follow-up lecture, I’m not here to say how we all could have been a teeeeny bit more responsive than we were, I’m not even here to remind you to buckle up for another one. I’m simply here to say:

THANK YOU. You did it. WE did it. You made it all happen for your clients (albeit in a bit of a messier fashion than you’d probably prefer), and you delivered on those promises you made eons ago. YOU GUYS, we helped some people get married who waited THREE YEARS for their day! How insanely special is that?!

Allow yourself some much-deserved time to rest, hug your families, clean up your inboxes and straighten up that messy studio/office (IYKYK). The holidays will be that much sweeter knowing what we all accomplished together this year. Brah-voh. On behalf of the Elevate team and really the entire wedding industry at large, just sending our immense love and a virtual bear hug. It’s been a YEAR, right?

(However… after you’ve rested, baked those cookies, napped on the couch, and given your fingers, eyes, and opposable thumbs the break they so desperately needed, give your favorite planners (wink, wink) a call or double check your email… we’ll be here waiting for youuuu.)

Yours in love, exhaustion, and creativity,

XO, Mallory