We're Elevate

What started as a side hustle for two creative, driven sisters has now become one of the Midwest’s premier event planning and design firms. At Elevate, we find pure, unbridled joy in celebrating all aspects of life - big moments, small gatherings and anything in between.

Elevate Refined: The Why Behind our Brand

When embarking on our event planning journey five years ago, we were armed with nothing but a logo, loads of determination, and a desire to share our love for people, gathering, and celebrating. We had no real business plan, only a handful of upcoming weddings, and we DEFINITELY didn’t have anything resembling a “brand” in place. As time passed, our core values largely remained the same, but our knowledge, style and goals expanded to a level outside of anything we could have previously envisioned. And with that, it became apparent that it was time to explore a more cohesive and representative look of who we were as a company. Our offerings have grown, our client demographics have changed, and it was time for our overall look to match the higher standards we’ve set for ourselves as a business. It is SUCH a pleasure to finally be revealing Elevate’s refined look with you – it took a whole lot of soul searching, tough love and tears to get here, but it all feels so amazingly US.

It may sound cliche, but we truly did pour our hearts and souls into refining our story and relaying who it is that we are as a company. It was a complex, multi-faceted process, bringing us way back to our roots, forcing us to consider our core values, business goals, dream clients, and ultimately, allowing us to key in on the true Elevate style. After a series of back-and-forths outlining our branding strategy, AnnaKate at Rhema Design Co put together a stunning moodboard outlining the key elements of our new look. The direction was simple: evoke a sense of professionalism, luxury and intentionality into our brand, while also depicting a slight sense of playfulness and approachability – we run a tight ship, but as people, we try not to take ourselves TOO seriously. It’s a summary that feels completely and uniquely like Elevate.

We wanted our new look to embody the beautiful, timeless and detail-oriented approach we take to each of our clients’ personalized event designs. Planning such consequential events can be overwhelming, and our caring and compassionate team exists to lighten the emotional burden with a simple, refined and comprehensive approach. Our aim is always to tell our clients’ stories in an honest, meaningful and luxurious way by infusing the core components of their relationship and personalities into the most important moments of their lives – if our goal is to provide that sense of clarity and refinement for our clients, we thought, shouldn’t we clarify and refine who WE are as a company? Once we began approaching our fifth year in business, we knew it was time for a new look AND a fresh new platform. And we lived to tell about it (barely)! Please have a look around, click through to all of the wonderfully intentional details we’ve sprinkled around the site, and feel free to share your feedback! The intention behind all of this has, and always will be, serving all of YOU, after all.

To wrap things up, we need to jump on the ole’ soapbox and say a few final thank yous. We truly wouldn’t be able to be sharing all of this with you today without the amazing team who helped us create it. AnnaKate, THANK YOU for fully and wholly epitomizing us as a business. Stefani and Chris at December Oak, we’ll never quite know how you did it, but what you’ve helped us create here today is unparalleled, and truly captures the essence of Elevate. Thank you all, SO much.

And to our rockstar team, our stellar planners and confidantes, our loved ones and friends who saw us through this emotional rollercoaster, and of course, our spectacular clients, colleagues and dear friends, you’ll never quite know how grateful we are for all of you.

WE LOVE YOU! And now, we clink champagne and take a nap.


Mallory & Kirstie