We're Elevate

What started as a side hustle for two creative, driven sisters has now become one of the Midwest’s premier event planning and design firms. At Elevate, we find pure, unbridled joy in celebrating all aspects of life - big moments, small gatherings and anything in between.

Meet the Ladies Behind Elevate Events!

Helen Keller said it best: “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”

It rings true, especially in today’s climate, and though this topic was always on the schedule, today, more than ever, we want to thank our incredible team – this die-hard and dynamic group of ladies are truly, truly the strength behind everything we do. As we continue to celebrate our five-year anniversary (just not in the way we had originally thought!), we wanted to introduce you to each and every member of our staff – there have been lots of exciting developments and new additions lately, and we wanted to put it all into one place! So without further ado… MEET THE TEAM!

What started as just the two of us, working from coffee shops in between day job hours, expanded to three, then four, with the addition of our early interns, now turned pivotal team members, Kelsie and Eve.

Our team expanded even further over the last year, as we began to take on much larger-scale events which required lots of boots on the ground to bring the vision to life. Enter Katie, Lily, Anna and Meredith – all such bright lights and immensely helpful souls. Their roles have continued to develop since even the last wedding season, helping with client communications and back-end projects while also majorly showing up on event days. We are SO grateful!

Enter our next addition, Renee, late last summer. Coming with loads of styling and planning experience in Ohio, Renee has not only jumped right in to help our clients, she’s also taken on a leadership role in training our newer members and spearheading our Milwaukee office. Last but certainly not least, our newest additions, April and Camille, joined us just a few months ago, but have already proven their weight in gold. We are so glad to have you!

For more information about each of these stellar ladies, their day-to-day roles, and a little bit more about their lives outside of Elevate, see their detailed bios below! We also have a fun little game at the end – can you guess the two truths from the lie for each of our teammates? Subscribe to our newsletter for the answers, and if you’re looking for a little boost during these difficult times, there’s even a little uplifting freebie there, too. Hang in there, and #stayhome!

MALLORY | Co-Founder, Creative Director

Mallory works side by side with her sister and Co-Founder, Kirstie, to manage all business and team operations. As Creative Director, she also assists with the curation and oversight of the design aesthetic and production quality of every contracted event, celebration and editorial. With an exceptional attention to detail, uniquely trained eye and timeless but approachable intuition, Mallory ensures that every event makes an impression, tells a unique story, and flows with ease. Outside of Elevate, Mallory also enjoys life as sister, wife, and mother to a rescued pitbull and toddler, Vaughn. Cooking, floral design, and home improvement projects are some of her other favorite pastimes, and she firmly believes that every occasion deserves a glass of something bubbly.

KIRSTIE | Co-Founder, Event Director

As Event Director, Kirstie oversees the planning, production and execution of all of Elevate’s contracted events, while also directing large scale weddings, and social and corporate events for her own clients. Working hand-in-hand with Mallory to manage all day-to-day operations, Kirstie relishes in her role as team lead: running trainings, check-ins, managing schedules, and ensuring a thriving and productive environment. Being a naturally forward-thinker, Kirstie is continuously brainstorming for our team and clients ways to push the envelope, make an impact, and guarantee that every event is awe-inspiring and intentional. In her free time, Kirstie enjoys teaching and taking classes at Barre Code Madison, traveling as much as the wedding season allows, and spending time with Jesse and their Great Dane, Phoebe. She is a proud sister and Auntie, and finds joy in the small details of life.

RENEE | Lead Planner, Designer & Stylist, Training Manager

Renee is our multi-talented design, production and training guru. Armed with the trifecta of an education in interior design, background in business management, and experience in the fashion industry, Renee is passionate about incorporating modern classics and fresh trends to create the perfectly curated moment that will leave a lasting impact. She prides herself on her meticulous organizational skills and careful attention to detail – ensuring her clients have the best experience from the initial phone call to the final toast (cheers!). On event day, you can find her seamlessly producing and directing setup and installation, while also bringing a level of expertise, comfort and assurance to any situation. On her days off, you can find Renee at local festivals, enjoying a Brewer game with her husband and two boys, or playing with her rescue dogs at the park – each occasion calling for one of her signature shoe moments.

KELSIE | Lead Planner & Designer

Kelsie’s caring and compassionate personality paired with her impressive multi-tasking abilities makes her uniquely qualified to assist all of Elevate’s detail-oriented clients. With a background in Communications, Kelsie excels in logistics and ensuring swift and thorough contact among all parties involved in an event. When it comes to design, she loves to think outside of the box and get creative to make each event she’s a part of beautiful and full of unique and intentional details. Kelsie adores her family, high-school-sweetheart-turned husband, Jason, and their German Shepherd, Teddy. In her free time, she enjoys trying new cuisines and experiences, home and art projects, and spending quality time with her friends.

KATIE | Associate Planner & Content Manager

Katie brings her background in photography and keen eye for details to the forefront as one of Elevate’s newest Associate Planners. Using her experience in capturing seniors and families, Katie finds beauty in even the ordinary, paying close attention to details and cherishing the little moments each day. She pours her full heart into her work, and as a type 2 enneagram, she is a natural “helper.” Katie excels in making connections and relating to others and supporting folks in being their best selves. When Katie isn’t working, she enjoys coffee, cooking, getting creative, and spending quality time with her family, friends, and her boyfriend Lucas.

APRIL | Associate Planner

Along with her caring and compassionate personality, April is highly driven, competitive, and ambitious. With a background in education, she spends a lot of time thinking through logistics and preparing for every possible moment. As one of Elevate’s newest Associate Planners, April also excels at the client experience: focusing on relationships and working to achieve the overall vibe people will feel when they walk away. April has had a lot of experience doubling as a wedding photography assistant, playing a major role in many wedding days. Therefore, she has a large passion for giving an experience that is momentous, positive, and memorable. She has a gift in finding the beauty in the every day things, connecting with others, hearing and sharing inspiring stories, and empowering others to be their best selves. When she is not working at weddings or school, you can find her with her husband Nick, hiking, being active, spending time with friends, traveling, or trying new places, restaurants, and experiences. She truly loves an adventure and tries to live every day as though it is one!

MEREDITH | Client Relations Manager & Event Assistant

As one of Elevate’s newer employees, Meredith pairs her technical skills with aesthetic sensibilities. Her background as an engineer and project manager combined with her love of interior design and style provides her the ability to advise on event planning decisions while simultaneously ensuring that the day stays on-time and on-budget! Her passion is paying attention to those small, often-overlooked details that can make a big difference in the final presentation. In her free time, Meredith enjoys running, cooking, and hosting dinner parties, as well as hiking with her husband and two stepsons and playing with her niece.

CAMILLE | Event & Branding Assistant

Camille is currently a Retailing and Consumer Behavior major at UW-Madison with certificates in Textile & Design and Entrepreneurship. She is excited to utilize creative and analytical skills in branding and marketing while adding genuine purpose and intention to the client experience. In her free time she enjoys soaking up sunshine, making lists, dancing, hiking, and watching Friends. As a true Wisconsin small-town girl, Camille has a big heart for family and authenticity. You can find her shopping the best deals, browsing the farmers’ market, or on the terrace dreaming up how to be the next Joanna Gaines!

EVE | Event Assistant

Eve is our cute-as-a-button Energizer bunny. Whether it’s running errands for the team the week of a wedding, running to and from our cars during setup, or relaying messages to the wedding party, this girl is non-stop! We love her for bringing a smile to absolutely every event, no matter how long the days are. When she’s off duty, Eve enjoys coaching dance, spending time with her family, and planning her OWN big day with her fiance, Conner.

ANNA | Event Assistant

Anna is ecstatic to be a newer part of the Elevate Team and loves using her creativity wherever needed to help put together beautiful things and events. She is detail oriented and a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to making things look “just right”. She enjoys learning all aspects of the wedding industry but especially enjoys design and detail work and cannot wait to help out with a vision board as she’s more active on Pinterest than Facebook or Instagram! She loves helping others and finds joy in connecting with bridal parties and guests, always seeking to assist however she best can. Anna enjoys making art and music. She is continually seeking to learn and grow as a person and joining Elevate has helped her to live out her passions. Additionally, Anna adores spending time with her partner of 11 years, Tristan, and their 3 treasured fur babies.

LILY | Event Assistant

With experience in large-scale event planning, Lily is extremely detail-oriented and would categorize herself as a very strong communicator. She may have a love for spreadsheets and lists galore, but she finds immense joy in helping to create those magical and memorable moments. Lily is able to adapt to ever-changing situations and prides herself in her ability to stay sharp and positive. By pursuing a degree in Industrial & Systems Engineering, she is able to effectively analyze procedures and creatively and efficiently improve them. From set-up to take-down, Lily wants to help make each event as seamless as possible. When she is not studying or working, Lily is scouring for inexpensive flights, curled up in a hammock with a good book, or playing the piano. She continues to create special memories with friends and family and will always say yes to a smoothie/chat! Working with Elevate Events has helped her elevate her passion in creating and fostering community.



  • I met my husband in a show choir
  • Give me a pizza with mushrooms, olives, and pepperoni and I’m a happy camper
  • I have hiked the trail to Machu Picchu


  • I used to have an underbite
  • I can drive manual
  • My Grandpa was Attorney General


  • I am not ticklish
  • I have 4 pets
  • My favorite food is tacos


  • I broke my nose in middle school
  • My favorite food is carrots
  • I’m named after my great grandmother


  • I have never been out of the US
  • I can play the piano
  • I hate celery


  • I’ve been to every state in the continental US at least once
  • In high school I won my schools talent show and was named Ms. MHS
  • I cry at every wedding I go to usually during parent dances


  • I studied abroad for a semester in Spain
  • I’ve run a marathon
  • I grew up near The Avery’s (making a murderer)


  • I love ketchup
  • I was Cosette in Les Mis during high school
  • I worked in a factory during 2 summers


  • I have two birthmarks
  • I’ve never owned pets
  • I had knee surgery in high school


  • I was in a beauty pageant
  • I don’t like pizza
  • I have a twin


  • My favorite podcasts are The Daily & Stuff You Should Know
  • I’ve played in a wind orchestra in a cathedral in Vienna
  • One of my 2020 goals is to not buy any new clothes