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Elevate Exclusive: Meet our Associate Coordinators!

Remember that super exciting news about our expanding team?! Well, we figured it was about dang time that we give all of you a bit more insight into the hearts and minds of our two new (and incredible) Associate Coordinators, since you’ll be seeing their faces a lot more around here! Kelsie and Emily came to us with an eagerness to learn and a fiery passion to help us execute beautiful and intentional events, and though they’ve already been killing it this season, we can’t WAIT to see how they apply their knowledge and experience to our events next year! If you’re looking for some seriously motivated, go-getter gals, look no further than these two!

Earlier this summer (over some rosé, of course), we had a fun Q&A session with Kelsie and Emily to dive a little deeper into what makes these two tick.  We’ve shared a snippet of our conversation below, and even though we may be a teeeeny bit biased, we think you’ll also agree – these girls are seriously the bees knees. 

Q: As you know, in our business, we do all sorts of weddings.  What style of wedding would you say you gravitate towards?

K: When it comes to weddings, I’m all about the love story. I LOVE it when the couple chooses to include some personal touches that odes to how they met, fell in love, the works. As far as a color scheme, I’m into light and airy in the spring and summer months with a deep, rich-colored palette for fall and winter. 

E: When it comes to weddings, I tend to gravitate towards a clean rustic or vintage vibe. More importantly – I love when couples incorporate any kind of unique touch or detail that speaks to the two of them – whether it be photographs, a meaningful venue, or writing their own vows.  It just makes the day that much more heartfelt. 

Q: Which store(s) out there put the biggest dent in your credit card statement? 

K: Honestly, Dry Goods at West Towne Mall and Francesca’s currently have my heart AND my wallet. The hues of their clothing are exactly what I look for and I can typically walk out of the shop with a couple of items without breaking the bank too badly 😉 

E: Antique and thrift stores are always counterintuitively dangerous to my wallet.  I love finding ways to repurpose old or ordinary items and can always find a way to justify spending more when it’s secondhand!  I’m also a huge biblio and audiophile, so I’ve been known to drop a pretty penny at Barnes and Nobles. 

Q: Favorite cocktail? 

K: Easy. Amaretto Sour, hands down. 

E: Whiskey on the rocks. Is that a cocktail? Whiskey old fashioned sweet. 

Q: You have a full day off with nothing on the calendar.  What does that day look like?

K: I recently added a furry baby to my family! Teddy keeps me on my toes and I love to spend a free afternoon walking downtown with him and hitting up my favorite food trucks – shoutout to El Grito and Good Food! 

E: On a good day off you can find me hiking or baking. More realistically? Napping and binge watching the latest episodes of Game of Thrones alongside “that’s too much take out for one person” from Ha Long Bay. 

Q: Favorite color?

K: Hmm, favorite color? I love several shades of blue. Slate blue, baby blue, periwinkle, deep navy. Can’t get enough. 

E: Favorite color?  I love rich reds or a light periwinkle blue. 

Q: You guys obviously know who our fave is, and we know it’s tricky to come up with just one, but we’re putting you on the spot.  Who, right this moment, is your favorite music artist? 

K: My favorite music artist right now is a tie between John Mayer and Ed Sheeran. I got to see John Mayer earlier this year and I became addicted to his music. And I’m obsessed with Ed Sheeran’s new album. 

E: Having to choose my favorite musical artist is a nightmare that haunts me frequently.  BUT, artists that have been on repeat recently?  Hozier, Nathaniel Rateliff and the Nightsweats, and Daughter. 

Q: Name your spirit animal and why. 🙂 

K: My spirit animal? Funny story. You guys asked me this on my interview! I chose my favorite animal – a koala. I think they are totally underrated. They’re cute as can be and seem to be a curious animal. 

E: Oh gosh, the spirit animal question again (heyyy interview).  At the time I very creatively chose a dog… but I think I stand by that.  They’re relentlessly loyal, adventurous, and just exude happiness and positivity – all qualities I can only hope to possess.  

Q: Coffee or tea? 

K: More like I’ll have a little bit of coffee with my sugar 🙂

E: Hot chocolate. Heavy on the marshmallows. 

Q: Favorite wedding flower? 

K: You can’t go wrong with classic peonies- they’re simply stunning. I do also love anemones. They’re great white flowers for the winter! 

E: My favorite wedding flower? It’s different, but I love when little splashes of blue thistle are incorporated with some classic, lush white florals and greenery. Shout out to cascading bouquets which are in and I’m 100% here for it.  

Q: What are three things still left on your bucket list? 

K: Three things on my bucket list: 

  1. Take a vacation to Greece – I’ve been dying to go since I first saw pictures of Santorini!
  2. Learn how to ballroom dance
  3. Get married and start a family 🙂 

E: Three things on my bucket list: 

  1. Backpacking through Southeast Asia – Thailand at the very least. 
  2. I have an unhealthy obsession with motorcycles. So to own and know how to ride one without killing myself. 
  3. I’d love to learn another language (my high school level Spanish has nearly worn off). Maybe French or Arabic. 

Aren’t they just the best!? If you want to hear more from these two, feel free to email them directly at coordinator@elevate-events.com!