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Elevate Exclusive: Recap of Memorial Day Weekend in Chicago

Well, THAT was incredible.

Just in case you didn’t see all of our anxious Instagram updates last week, we’ll fill you in: Beyoncé, our spirit animal, role model, and favorite performing artist by FAR, announced that she was launching a worldwide stadium tour at the Super Bowl earlier this year. 

Once we heard that she was coming to Chicago, we obviously bought tickets at the first available opportunity, then decided to make our entire trip into one last Memorial Day “hurrah” before our busy wedding season takes off TOMORROW! While it was nowhere near relaxing (seriously, we PACKED the weekend full of activities and dates with friends!), it was SUCH a welcome distraction before our summer becomes a sea of checklists, meetings, and, of course, lovely couples and their deliciously planned weddings. Seriously, we are SO excited for what’s in store this summer! 

Because this weekend was one for the record books, we thought we’d share a little recap of our trip! 

Cue scene: Friday evening. We finally arrive in Chicago after being stuck in typical traffic (seriously, it took us ONE HOUR to drive 8 miles – we could have run that distance faster!). We arrived at our cute little basement AirBNB and immediately began changing and primping – we had a SERIOUS show to get to. 🙂 

Mallory has used Rent the Runway countless times for friends’ weddings and other special events (because, honestly, sometimes it makes WAY more sense to pay a fairly reasonable fee for an outfit you will literally wear once than spend hundreds at the store!), so she suggested we both find an outfit worthy of ‘Yonce’s approval. 

We’d say it was a general success, no?! The outfits arrived in time, totally fit, and definitely made us feel bootylicious and ready to get in FORMATION! 

Kirstie is wearing: Card Dealer Sheath by Milly

Mallory is wearing: Linc Jumpsuit by Jay Godfrey

The guys were planning on hanging out together that evening, but before we left we still asked them to give us their best “fangirl” and “slay” poses. 

“A” for effort, TBD on execution, boys. 

We hopped in an Uber and made our way through hoards of empowered, poncho and stiletto-clad women to our seats – the energy in that place was incredible. 

After the opening act, it straight up POURED on us, so the show was delayed another 45ish minutes, but once the lights turned up and the speakers blared…


Obviously, we screamed, we sang, and we cried along with the 50,000 other fans in attendance through the majority of the show, but honestly, looking back, we think we spent more time looking at each other in utter amazement. Her performance, dancers, band, and the production itself were all insanely tight, but more than anything, it created a raw atmosphere celebrating WOMEN that was incredibly uplifting. Also, can we talk about that ^ orange sequin two piece? Ugh. 

In case you’re curious, here is a link to her Friday night setlist and a general review of the performance. 

The next day, we met up with a great group of friends and headed to our first Cubs game at Wrigley Field! The Cubs won handily, and while we aren’t actual fans, experiencing the magic (and curse?) of the iconic stadium was a total blast! Afterward, we headed to a neighborhood festival, danced along to a boy band cover band (yes, it was very much a real thing), and Kirstie drooled over all of the dogs, Great Danes and puppies in attendance (she is anxiously awaiting the day she can get a dog of her own). 

On Sunday, we woke up with the sun, tuned up our bikes, and headed off to Bike the Drive! The entirety of Lake Shore Drive was blocked off so thousands of bikers could ride all the way from the Northern end of Chicago to Hyde Park in the South – a 30 mile loop! 

We took a mid-ride stop at Grant Park and got a quick burst of caffeine with free iced coffee, energy bars, and a trail mix bar from Whole Foods.

We capped off our super fun Sunday with a delicious brunch in Wicker Park, then sat poolside the rest of the afternoon. All in all, a pretty perfect day, if you ask us! 

Now that we got all of that fun out of our system, we’re heading to Tomah, Wisconsin, for our first wedding of the year! Check back soon for updates on Audrey & Patrick’s lovely private estate wedding; and go watch “Lemonade” if you haven’t already! 🙂