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Tips and Tricks: Hosting an Elegant Halloween Party

If you are reading this and between the ages of 6 and 106, then chances are you’ve been invited to a Halloween party (or two, or three) this coming weekend. Fun! We hope you have your costume picked out! 

We’re not here, however, to talk about costume ideas; we’re here to discuss the party itself!! Perhaps it’s the chance to be someone you’re not for an entire evening, the opportunity to get a bunch of #costumeselfies up on social media, or maybe it’s just the good food and candy, but for whatever reason, people seem to LOVE a good Halloween party. What some might NOT appreciate, however, is… [dun, dun, DUNNNN]… being the HOST of said Halloween party. 

We get it. In design terms, Halloween is notoriously loud, ugly and really difficult to style. For a kids’ party, the orange, black and lime green motif is totally fine, but what if you’re hosting adults and prefer a more…elegant approach? Well, don’t be spooked! We have some classy Halloween inspired decorating ideas that are perfect for people like us who love hosting, but can’t quite get behind the age-old orange-and-black-and-spiders theme. 


These guys are an obvious addition to your decor, and are totally cute and appropriate on their own. But who says they have to be orange?? Opt for all-white mini pumpkins, or paint a few gold, silver, or even your favorite color, for a fun addition to your tablescape that totally screams “fall!”


When we think of Halloween, one of the prominent “themes” that comes to mind is the Victorian era. Think Dracula, white curly wigs, hoopskirts and…candelabras! No matter the color, once you bring in a candelabra or two, your dinner table instantly transforms into an Elizabethan-era feast. Finish it off with some spooky, drippy black or dark red candles… and you instantly have a Halloween-appropriate (but classy) tablescape!

Taper Candles

Quite honestly, if it were up to us, taper candles would be a must in every tablescape, Halloween or otherwise. There is just something so timeless and elegant about them. Luckily, they are EXTRA perfect for a Halloween tablescape. Our advice this weekend: run to Goodwill and pick up as many tarnished silver or gold candlestick holders as you can find (OR just empty a bunch of clear glass bottles), buy enough drippy black, grey or deep red tapers to fill them, and you’re set! So classy, apropos, and most importantly… reusable!

Deep Red

For obvious reasons, this color is perfect for Halloween. The good news: it’s also quite elegant and luckily, a super trendy color this year! To make a real statement, go all-out and get deep red everything: napkins, glassware, candles and flowers (and painted pumpkins!), or stick to a few key accent pieces in this rich tone. Either way, you’re bound to impress your costume-clad guests with this sexy, gothic take on Halloween. 

See? Decorating for Halloween doesn’t have to be scary! If you’re hosting this weekend, we hope some of these inspirational ideas come in handy. Have fun, be safe, and don’t eat too much candy!