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Trendspotting: Escort Cards and Wedding Favors

One of our favorite elements in designing and coordinating a wedding is personalizing the day with touches of the bride and groom intertwined in even the smallest details. From heirloom pieces in the bouquet to family portraits at the reception and even those special, intimate moments during the ceremony, to us, a personalized wedding is a dynamite wedding!

One great way to achieve this personalization and also make for some show-stopping pictures is the use of well thought-out escort cards and wedding favors. With the popularity of sites like Pinterest and Instagram, the creativity we’ve seen in these wedding elements has totally blown our minds! However, given the fact that these details hold relatively small importance in the grand scheme of a wedding, they are often overlooked by the bride and groom until a few weeks before the wedding. 

At Elevate, we say – don’t forget about these details, and don’t let them overwhelm you! Here are just a few trends we totally love when it comes to treating your guests and letting them know what’s up with your wedding. Best of all – when given just a little thought, prepping a lot of these favors can be a breeze!

Escort Cards/Guest Lists

Window Pane

If you’re having an outdoor wedding and are worried about hundreds of cards flying everywhere with just the slightest gust of wind – opt for a huge vintage window pane with each pane serving as a table number and the names of guests listed at each table. We obviously love this idea – this picture is from Mal’s fall wedding last year!

Sewing Drawers

This totally darling idea is brought to you by A La Crate Vintage Rentals here in town – rent these sewing drawers and fill them with catalog cards or bright-colored tags with the names of each of your guests. This idea is perfect for the organization-loving bride and groom! 


Another ALC idea – if you do like the idea of traditional escort cards, why not find a non-traditional way to display them, perhaps just by using an adorable set of shutters? We love this idea, and would probably even add a few flowers or mossy elements stuck in between the slats to add some extra beauty. 


Looking for a neat way to have your escort cards make a statement? This vintage hoop idea is fantastic! 1) It easily organizes your guests’ names in the order you choose, and 2) it’s a beautiful focal point as your guests arrive!

Natural Elements

We definitely love bringing the outdoors in, especially when nature gives us such beautiful pieces to work with! Leaves with guests’ names written in gorgeous calligraphy and cards held down by sea glass minerals are a perfect way to make your event “eco-chic.” 


There is no way you can go wrong with macarons. First of all, they are so tasty. Secondly, they look adorable, especially when they come in cute, scalloped packaging. These light and fluffy treats are so easy to work into any vision you choose, AND they can come in so many different colors (and flavors), too! 

Wedding Favors

Soundtrack of your Relationship

What better way to personalize your favors than by providing all of your guests with the songs that make the two of you… you! Make one playlist that personifies YOU, whether it’s songs from throughout your relationship or select songs from your actual wedding day, and burn it onto a CD for each one of your guests to take and play whenever they want to remember your special day!

Your Favorite Food

We LOVE foodie weddings, especially because we can enjoy the flavors of the day for weeks afterwards! Send your guests home with your favorite spices, snack, or even a cozy S’more box. Think about what you two enjoy – we’re sure your guests will love it too, especially since it’s food from the heart! 

Tiny Succulents

We’ll just never get over this look. Adorable succulents that double as favors and escort cards?! Gorgeous AND budget-friendly. 

Paper Cranes & Chopsticks

This idea is another special one from Mal’s wedding – incorporate your future spouse’s family into your day with small touches of their traditions or culture in the place settings! Mallory’s husband has Japanese roots, so origami and chopsticks were an obvious choice!

Regional Treats

And by regional we mean…cheese!! Any wedding guest would be delighted to get a taste of delicious cheese to take home, and if you have ties to Wisconsin – what a better way to show your guests you love your home state!? 

Luggage Tags

If you’re having a destination wedding, treat your guests to a beautiful luggage tag that they can keep forever! Plus – no more lost luggage in the baggage claim once you return home…

Personalized Lip Balm

This favor works for both summer and winter weddings, and let’s be honest, how many of you lose at least one chapstick a week!? You and your future spouse could be lifesavers by giving your guests this thoughtful (and easily personalized) wedding favor.