We're Elevate

What started as a side hustle for two creative, driven sisters has now become one of the Midwest’s premier event planning and design firms. At Elevate, we find pure, unbridled joy in celebrating all aspects of life - big moments, small gatherings and anything in between.

Elevate Exclusive: Our Faves

At Elevate, we pride ourselves on our ability to form genuine, lasting relationships with our vendors and clients.  We believe that part of that relationship involves developing a true friendship; getting to know one another in greater detail by discussing our personal lives, likes/dislikes and our innermost passions.

So, while we [anxiously!] await the release of our Styled Shoot photos by Maison Meredith Photography, we thought we’d “sit down” with each and every one of you and tell you a little bit more about us!  You should know most of the basics by now (if not, check out Our Story), so we thought we’d get into some of our absolute faves (both personal and business-related) so you can get a better glimpse at what makes us tick. In no particular order, we present: OUR FAVES. 


In our minds, our love for Beyoncé needs no explanation. We can’t even explain to you when our love for her began. All we know is that (in our opinion) she is truly the best performer in our industry and a huge advocate for women. Seeing her in concert was seriously life-changing – we already loved her music, but once we witnessed Queen Bey in action, we were hooked for life.  Just be warned: if you play a Beyoncé song at your event, we will be on the dance floor, likely embarrassing ourselves with hair flips and hip-shaking. 

Zaida ‘Miga Wedel

You may have seen a photo of Zaida’s 7th birthday on our Instagram page (if not, you will definitely be seeing more). For those of you who don’t know her, she is Mallory’s adopted pitbull. Her name means “fortunate one” in Arabic, and her middle name – ‘Miga – comes from her short-lived given name of “Friend” when she was rescued.  While her appearance may catch you off-guard, deep down, Zaida is nothing but a 65-pound baby. We love her kisses, cuddles and the constant “concerned-citizen” look on her face. If only you knew, Z! 


Sorry silver, but for us, gold wins every time. There is just something extremely classic about the look of gold – both in accessories and decor – that gets us weak in the knees. Granted – trends of the moment tell us that gold is IN and here to stay, so maybe we’re just riding the gold bandwagon until it switches again! Either way, show us a pretty gold office accessory, necklace or piece of flatware – and we are HERE for it. 

Paper Planners

Given the recent rise in technology, you’d think we’d be all over Google Calendar, iCal, or any of the other millions of planning apps out there. The truth is, however, we can’t rely on anything more than we rely on our paper planners. There will always just be something better to us about writing down an event or reminder, rather than relying on our phones to tell us the details. Plus, on a paper planner, we can get creative with different fonts and colors! Mallory’s preferred type of planner is just a cute printable calendar found online (like the one seen on the left), whereas Kirstie prefers pretty bound planners like this Kate Spade planner on the right. 

Bright colors

When it comes to what we wear and love decorating with, bright is best! Show us a stylish red bag, a turquoise chair or a minty bouquet and we’re immediately in love. Don’t get us wrong, pastels and neutrals definitely have their place in the fashion and decor world (and are necessary to balance out the bright!) but we absolutely swoon over a well-executed pop of color!


By far, our favorite way to exercise is running.  We don’t quite consider ourselves running fanatics, (after all, it all started with just a few 5Ks and 10Ks here and there), but now, we’re typically running 5-6 long distance races per year! To be honest, signing up for half marathons and relays is really our only way to stay motivated to keep running those long distances, but once we’re heavy into training, we actually find that it’s a huge stress-reliever and a great way to keep our moods in order. Plus – we score some sweet medals and running tees afterwards! 

Our Dudes

Danny and Jesse are the bomb. They were huge supporters of Elevate from the get-go, and are consistently there to talk us off the proverbial ledge when we’re getting stressed out . We can’t thank you enough for always being there, guys! 


We absolutely love collaborating and designing.  On any given day, you’ll find us working on some sort of pretty project, whether it’s preparing lovely tablescapes, organizing our statement necklaces or decorating our rooms with fun-patterned bedspreads and DIY projects.  We are, by nature, designing through life together, and truly believe that we were born with an eye for it!

Just wait for our Styled Shoot Editorial to see our true design capabilities in action –  it’s just around the corner!