Prepare, build and scale your event planning business for ultimate success.

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Avoid the inevitable question marks and mistakes that come with the growth of your event planning business and fully commit to clarity and prosperity!

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No matter how much talent you possess or your experience level with luxury event planning, the thought of pitching a premium price to your clients churns your stomach.

You dream of the day when you open your inbox and find dozens of qualified leads saying “I know I want to book with you” but lack real strategies and data on how to attract your dream clients.

The thought of onboarding a team of planners and assistants is overwhelming because you are struggling to identify & create your own processes and systems.

Does any of this sound like you?

Forming connections with other vendors in your region is proving difficult and you lack the networking rhetoric you need to secure referral relationships.

You are ecstatic for all the couples you get to work with in the coming years and want to provide them with a fully streamlined, high-end client experience but are not sure which touch points to focus on.

You have vowed that this is the year you show up in your business like the CEO you know you can be, but are already exhausted thinking about the amount of energy (mental, physical, emotional) it will take to achieve your goals.

You have choreographed weddings for friends, family and acquaintances and relish the joy you feel seeing your couple’s dream wedding come to fruition, but you lack the confidence to create and pitch fully profitable packages.

You have an incredible talent for designing weddings but grapple with drafting and implementing successful procedures for your team to replicate (so you don’t have to)!

We relate to the emotions you are facing because we were there not long ago.

You are ready to seriously uplevel your confidence, offerings, marketing strategy, and team so that the client experience you provide is second to none, and you meet your financial goals with ease.

Immensely frustrating does not begin to describe how it feels when you are filled with ambition, passion, and drive but lack clarity or direction on how to transform your “side hustle” event business into a six-figure enterprise.

What would it feel like to…

Be the event planner in your niche and have the opportunity to work with clients who have limitless budgets?

Confidently share your proposal with your clients knowing that you are more than capable to bring their dream event to life?

Deliver the type of client experience that builds lifetime relationships with your clients and vendors - leading them to continuously encourage their own connections to book your services, and therefore greatly expanding your network?

Build a team of exceptional planners, assistants, and client managers whom you completely trust to care for your clients with as much precision and finesse as you would?





Feel inspired and reignite the passion you once held for event planning that has been briefly stifled by the craze and exhaustion that has accompanied the “COVID wedding world?”


If you have resonated with all of these feelings thus far and are committed to making these desires your new reality, we would like to invite you to...

How to Prepare, Build, and Scale your 
Event Planning Business for Ultimate Success

A five-module course and community that teaches you how to build a solid foundation for your event planning business so that you can scale with ease, elevate your client experience to provide your couples with the support they deserve, and ultimately delight and find true fulfillment in your event planning business!

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Olive Branch Events Co.

“When I think about the beginning of my business, I cannot help but think of Mallory and Kirstie - two dynamic, powerhouse women who really mentored and guided me to be the business owner I am today. Event planning is absolutely daunting, then doing it all on your own with limited experience is even more challenging and I can truly say Elevate really taught me so much through their expertise and guidance and saved me from a ton of heartache and mistakes I would have made otherwise.

What I love is that they're both relatable and down-to-earth - but they're backed up with the confidence, professionalism, and knowledge that it takes to lead the events industry in our area and beyond. They thrive when it comes to design, planning, coordination, building a team and learning from them in all of these areas is like learning from the best of the best in the industry.”

Cait & Meg

Woven & Revel

“I think at times as a small business owner you can lose touch with your real self-worth, the lessons you taught us about how to set our prices has kept us on track when it comes to pricing things out for new clients or opportunities we haven't even come across yet. 

One of the nuggets of wisdom that has really stuck out to us is your emphasis in taking the time to build a base and do it well in order to prepare for the next phase of our business! This is such a good thing to keep in our back pocket as we prepare to scale our business.”

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Resources: Audit Questionnaires, Worksheets, Guest Experts
• Website audit
• Brand audit
• Social media audit
• Personal audit

After all, we can’t really know the clients we’re targeting until we focus on who WE are and the ultimate VALUE we provide throughout the planning process!

Looking within and establishing business foundations

Module One

Resources: Audit Questionnaires, Worksheets, Guest Experts
• Client Profile
• Deliverables
• Pricing

It’s time to get specific: who do we ACTUALLY want to work with, and how can they contribute to our overall bottom line?

Defining and targeting your audience

Module Two

Resources: Contracts, Team Operations Flowchart, Calendar Planning Resource, Guest Expert
• Business Setup
• Recruiting
• Work Environment & Leadership
• Defining Roles

At Elevate, we firmly believe that we cannot provide a truly quality experience without leaning on the extra hands and expertise of our well-established team. Let’s get you your own!

Build your stellar team

Module Three

Resources: 10 Systems & Processes Checklists, Guest Expert
• Deep Dive Into the Apps We Use
• Automation & Checklists

Let’s face it: a HUGE part of our jobs is to appear like we have it completely together on the surface. BUT, what good is that if our “below surface” processes do us and our clients NO good? You simply MUST have effective systems, procedures and checklists in place, for absolutely everything.

Buildout and utilize your systems

Module Four

• Client Relationships
• Vendor Relationships

Without our reliable connections, expert information, and day-to-day connections, we are of minimal value to our clients. Part of the incredible value we provide to those who hire us are our trusted, vetted, professional industry contacts, as well as the trusted word-of-mouth referrals we will continue to get throughout the life of our business.

Build, nurture, and maintain your network

Module Five

I’m ready to uplevel


5 Modules

20+ Resources

Guest Expert Trainings

1 payment of $597

core curriculum and resources


5 Modules

20+ Resources

Guest Expert Trainings

12 Months access to the TPP Community

1 payment of $997

BONUS: 12 Months in the community

Your educators

Over the years, Mallory, Kirstie, and their multi-talented team have both
 fine tuned their processes AND curated the ultimate client market to
 ensure that each couple shares a truly "elevated" experience in planning
 their dream day.

Entrepreneurship is not a linear journey. Like every other event planning
 company, they have celebrated incredible growth and also struggled
 through painful lows. 

Now they want to share their expertise with you so that you can
 learn from their mistakes and have the guidance you crave to
 create your dream event planning business!

Over the years, Mallory, Kirstie, and their multi-talented team have both fine tuned their processes AND curated the ultimate client market to ensure that each couple shares a truly "elevated" experience in planning their dream day.

Entrepreneurship is not a linear journey. Like every other event planning company, they have celebrated incredible growth and also struggled through painful lows. 

Now they want to share their expertise with you so that you can learn from their mistakes and have the guidance you crave to create your dream event planning business!

You will have 12 months of access to the course material and our TPP community - a full YEAR of resources and support!

Once I have purchased the course, how long do I have access to the material?

Nope! The many intricacies of wedding and event design deserve a course and/or workshop of their own. In The Prosperous Planner, we will be focusing on all of the foundational work it takes to build a successful, prosperous business - the design skills, in our opinion, while SO important to what we do, truly come secondary to properly preparing your business for growth, success, and a satisfied network.

Will you be teaching us about design in this course?

You will have access to The Prosperous Planner immediately upon enrollment! We will also immediately add you to the TPP community so your  specific questions and feedback can be addressed and answered in real time.

When will I be able to gain access to the course material?

Planners looking for a “quick fix.” This course is not only an investment in yourself and your business, it’s a deep dive into your entire foundation and will require lots of internal evaluation, “homework,” and goal-setting. Upon completion of the rigorous materials, however, we can say with certainty that you will emerge with clarity, confidence and invigoration.

Who ISN’T this course for?

If completed in real time, we expect this course to take roughly 8 weeks (2 months) to complete. For those looking to complete this a bit more casually, it may take closer to 3-4 months. You’ll have access to all of our course materials and community for a full year once the complete course has been released!

How long will it take to complete this course and all of the “homework” within it?

This course is for solo or small-team wedding and event planners, looking for definition, clarity, and motivation to fully INVEST in themselves and their business and build the empire they’ve always dreamed of.

Who is this course for?

don't worry, we have the answers!

You might have some questions

No. Due to the digital nature of this product, we do not offer refunds of any kind. We have poured years of our knowledge and expertise into every piece of content and training we have included in this course and are confident in the value you will receive.

Do you have a refund policy?

We all know that producing a successful event can take anywhere from 25-300+ hours of preparation and planning, and typically costs our clients anywhere from $10,000-$15,000+ in a full-service collection. Based on the nearly 200 hours we’ve spent gathering our resources and organizing our own learnings in this actionable, digestible format (not to mention the additional live trainings and community hours you’ll immediately have access to upon joining), we would value this course at $7,500 at minimum!

What’s the actual value of the course?

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